English Summary

Please find a Summary of the 2016 Annual Report below. Click here for more information in English on the Sluyterman van Loo Foundation.

100 years Sluyterman van Loo Foundation

Last year was our centennial year. Three Sluyterman van Loo sisters set up our foundation in 1916, in order to improve quality of life of older people and to preserve the historic estate Akerendam in Beverwijk. We have celebrated the 100th anniversary of our foundation with three jubilee grants to local cultural organisations and with a spectacular Garden Theatre for over 1500 guests.

Long Live Arts

The enthusiastic feedback by older people who participate in arts and culture programmes through Long Live Arts, motivated us to commission a series of short movies: Krasse Kunst. In the series, participants emphasise the inspiring effect of art-based activities and scientists stress the importance of its social impact. The ten so-called quartermasters that we have appointed in 2014 are currently working on consolidating their networks, ensuring the continuation of local/regional cultural participation projects for older people. In April 2016 the final event of the European initiative Long Live Arts took place: the Creative Dinner in Brussels, during which the EU Manifesto on Cultural Participation by Older People was presented.

Regular grants

We received 386 proposals in 2016, of which 253 were granted. Many projects focused on cultural activities for older people, showing the rewarding effect of Long Live Arts. Furthermore, we supported projects that promote encounters between older people themselves and their local community, that make them rediscover their strengths by sharing knowledge and life experiences with younger generations, and that offer an escape from daily life, for instance day-trips. The foundation spent circa € 1.7 million (on regular grants and Premieplan combined).

Perception of the Image of Ageing

Together with the RCOAK Foundation, we are preparing the new themed grants programme Perception of the Image of Ageing. We hope to contribute to a more positive and realistic image of ageing, by creating more (self-)awareness about the later stages of life among older people and their acquaintances and by financing intergenerational projects.

Mission-related investing

As a shareholder in InvestMZ, we invest in innovative companies that contribute to sustainable improvement of social (health)care. In 2016 our portfolio contained three investments.