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As we grow older, we enter new phases in our lives, each with their own significance, opportunities and issues. This insight led to our theme programme Thuis in deze tijd (At ease in these times). Together with our partner Stichting RCOAK, we arranged for a number of pilot projects to be carried out and reviewed. We use the insight gained as a basis to give further shape to Thuis in deze tijd in 2019. The success of our joint theme programme Lang Leve Kunst (Long live Art) inspired us to set up a special fund for art and culture projects for older people. In the past year, we processed 361 requests for funding, 231 of which were granted worth a total of €1,645,858.

Vision and investment policy
The revenues from our invested assets are – as is the case for many other foundations – under pressure, a situation that we do not expect to change significantly in the coming years. Our work becomes increasingly focused on our theme programmes and this has consequences for the scope of our regular grants. Imminent changes to the composition of the Board of Trustees, as well as staff changes, are forcing us to seriously consider our future. For this reason we will be reformulating the vision of our foundation this year, in the course of which we will also focus on our valuable collaboration with Stichting RCOAK.
In 2018, we made a start on re-evaluating our investment policy and the collaboration with our investment manager. We expect the results of this evaluation in early 2019.

New named fund
Mrs W. de Valk-Rodi, the widow of our late treasurer and later president Mr J. de Valk, who had been a member of our Board of Trustees for over 30 years, passed away last summer. It transpired that our foundation had been appointed as one of the three heirs to their estate. At the end of 2018, we received with deep gratitude over € 1.1 million from the estate to establish a fund in the name of De Valk-Rodi. In 2019, we will begin to make active use of this fund in accordance with the provisions of the will.

Fonds Sluyterman van Loo has, from its start in 1916, been established in the country estate – and National Listed Building – Akerendam in Beverwijk. Maintaining this historical property is one of our objectives laid down in our articles of association. The completed restoration of the garden room means that the main house is now totally in order. In 2019, we will move on to the restoration of the canal walls and, in 2020, the lake.

Nieuw Akerendam
We have developed a vision for the future of Nieuw Akerendam, our service flat complex in Beverwijk with help from external advisers.