English summary

Last year we focused on an evaluation and possible continuation of our theme programme Long Live Arts. The theme has become a strong brand and has had a considerable impact on various levels.

Focus on talents
The networks that were created by the programme led to a large offer of cultural activities for older people. But the most important effect has been the emancipation of older people and the focus on their talents instead of their problems and needs.

At ease in these times
This will also be the basis of our new theme programme Thuis in deze tijd (At ease in these times). In 2018 we will carry out several pilots for this theme programme that are focused on connecting older and younger generations and promoting mutual understanding and appreciation.
At the same time we will investigate the options to continue the projects and methods of Long Live Arts, especially the networks that have been the core of the programme.

Encounters between old en young
Apart from the theme programmes, we have granted 231 proposals, which is nearly 65% of the proposals we have taken into consideration. Cultural activities, sports, day-trips and short holidays are the majority of the proposals. There has been a continuous increase of projects that promote encounters between older and younger generations. The foundation spent about € 1.6 million (regular grants and Premieplan). Premieplan supports hundreds of small projects by doubling the revenues of their own fundraising.